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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Proteomics and Biopharmaceutical Analysis Core

NY State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

Resources for Proteomics and Biopharmaceutical Analysis

This facility serves as a regional resource for UB and regional investigators, providing state-of-the art instrumentation and expertise in proteomics and biopharmaceutical analysis. It operates as a collaborative core, developing analytical strategies that address significant bioanalytical challenges and thereby advance knowlege in a variety of applications.

The facility has several main research foci:

  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of small-molecule analytes such as drugs, metabolites, and biomolecules
  • Comprehensive protein expression profiling and differential proteome analysis
  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of proteins/peptides

The final analytical strategies often represent combined developments in instrumentation, sample processing, and data analysis.


The facility is located at UB's Downtown Campus, in the NY State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CEBLS). The CEBLS is one of two buildings that are linked on all floors, forming the Buffalo Life Sciences Complex, which stands on the southwest corner of the Roswell Park Cancer Inst. The CEBLS building is linked by covered walkway with the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI)

Major Instrumentation

  • Mass Spectrometer Systems:
    • ThermoFisher LTQ XL Linear Ion Trap with ETD (Electron Transfer Dissociation) fragmentation and Orbitrap XL Detector
    • ThermoFisher Quantum Ultra EMR triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

  • Eksigent multidimensional nanoflow HPLC system
  • Waters Acquity Ultra-high pressure (UHPLC) chromatography system


  • Facility contacts are listed here



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